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Impact Driver
Cordless drills are versatile and popular, but impact drivers are able to drive screws and at an astonishing speed. This article will assist you in deciding which one is best as per your requirements.

Cordless driver/drill is by far the most common portable power tool that is quite popular as well. The thing is that cordless drills have started being overtaken by impact drivers. What is the difference between driver/drill as well as an impact driver? Will an impact driver do all the jobs needed? If I have a driver/drill, why would I require an impact driver?

Cordless driver/drill is a versatile tool that has been designed for drilling holes as well as drive screws. This keyless product accepts a wide range of hex-shank and round-shank drill bits in addition to screw-driving bits and other accessories like wire-wheel brushes, rotator sanders, hole saws, and much more. Every cordless drivers/drill is equipped with a slip clutch that will allow the operator to adjust the amount of torque for consistent, precise screw driving.

Impact drivers are similar to a driver/drill but have only one noticeable distinction- rather than a keyless chunk; they have collet accepting hex-shanked driver bits. This tool is engineered especially for doing a single job; to drive screws which it does easier and faster compared to any other tool. Impact drivers have the ability of driving large, long fasteners-including fat lag screws stalling the best driver/drill.

Impact drivers make use of both concussive blows and bit rotation for power-driven screws in the densest, thickest pieces of wood. This combo results in unadulterated, raw power. The fact is that impact drivers typically are able to deliver 2 to 3 time higher turning force as compared to an average driver/drill. What is the power? During current Popular Mechanics tool testing, single 18-volt impact driver was able to drive an astonishing 138 3-inch lag screw on a single charge. Despite the brute strength, the best impact driver is comfortable and easy to make use of because concussive action transfers much more high-energy torque directly to the screw instead of the forearm or wrist.

Hence, those who are planning projects requiring driving a ton of screws, or lots of large and long screws should consider investing in an impact driver. For instance, these drivers are best for constructing decks, screwing down plywood subfloors, and installing tile backer board. Those who are not planning working on such kinds of projects might wish sticking to a versatile cordless driver/drill. However, the gap between these 2 tools may be closing. There are some manufacturers who are offering drill chucks as well as other kinds of hole-drilling accessories that can be used with the impact driver.

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PaintBeing merely a renter should not stop you from improving your home. You can still add a personal touch to it and make it look more special, depending on your preferences, of course.

However, since you do not really own the property, it’s probably not a good idea to spend so much on remodeling and other forms of home improvement to make the space you live in look beautiful.

Paint Job

Some landlords are kind enough to take on this responsibility for you. However, the majority will just expect you to do whatever you want to your room, as long as it is within reason. This kind of arrangement usually happens to renters who have lived in that same property for an extended amount of time.

Doing the paint job yourself may also have a bright side. You do not have to spend so much since you are the one who is going to choose the materials you need. Plus, DIY painting is very easy to do.

Create the Illusion of Space

Home improvement does not require you to take down walls. You can, however, make it look like you have a much bigger space by hanging up large mirrors on or more of your walls. It is best if you choose a mirror that goes from floor to ceiling.

Adding Rooms/Removing Walls

If you think that you need two rooms and you need to put up a wall in the middle of the room, or you need one big room and you want to take down the existing wall, you need to talk to your landlord first before making any final decisions. Perhaps, you can make an estimate of the total costs and have a discussion with your landlord on whether or not he or she would be willing to foot the bill or pay for half of it.

Role of Sunlight

Rooms that often receive adequate sunlight should have window sills that can carry flower pots. If not, you might want to make a box garden by your window. However, if the sunlight your room gets is only minimal, plant-grow lights have the ability to transform dark rooms into a modern type of greenhouse.

Hardware Styles

You can replace your door knobs, light fixtures, and other fixed assets with some classy yet inexpensive counterparts. It is suggested to base these changes on your color preferences to ensure that the result of your personal home improvements fits your personal style.